The Advanced Center for Skin Therapy is located in Ipanema, in sunny Rio de Janeiro. The center is equipped with the latest and most sophisticated equipment to perform the perfect plastic surgery. Everything from peeling through complex surgical procedures are performed here every day. The center is staffed by a team of competent professionals under the guidance of Romulo Mene, MD (See Dr Mene’s resume here). Please take the time to visit our site so you can see the latest development is the areas of Plastic Surgery, New Product Development. See the effect that the center has on the new and exiting World of Plastic Surgery, Skin Rejuvenating and the removal of the effects of aging in humans.

Optical Coherence Tomography tomogram of fingertip, depicting stratum corneum (~500µm thick) with stratum disjunctum on top and stratum lucidum (connection to stratum spinosum) in the middle. At the bottom superficial parts of the dermis. Sweatducts are clearly visible.

This site has been developed to help you, the patient, the student, the esthetician, the doctor, the educator. You will see the effects of certain types of procedures, shows you what can, and can not be achieved, it tells you about how the products and procedure function, and shows you streaming videos on "The correct way apply these Products". There is also a section on "Usage Protocols", which have been developed after years of experience. Start here.

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